Written to help content creators looking to take their next step and start streaming on Twitch. Josh Myth deep dives into his own personal relationship with streaming while laying out the advice he wishes he had. From the 0-3 viewer mistake, to figuring out the value of your content as a creator, Josh is “Inspiring Growth” in creators. His goal is helping them grow not only in numbers, but by becoming a better broadcaster.

Josh is an Australian content creator who produces gaming and educational content with a blend of humour across platforms such as Twitch, YouTube and Instagram. Known for his high energy and interactive streams, Josh Myth inspires something in all his viewers and peers with his attentive and charming personality. With experience in Marketing, Leadership and Training, Josh recently became a full time content creator in 2020. He aims to share his experiences with others and to inspire Streamers both within and outside his community.

"Inspiring Growth" is something I wish I had when I started streaming 3 years ago. Even now, I've learned tips and tricks to help me continue growing! You can really tell that Josh is passionate about not only streaming, but helping others pursue their dreams too.


Josh's in depth guide to "Inspiring Growth" is exactly what I wish I had when I began streaming on Twitch. From technical setup to encouraging community, this book is something I would highly recommend every new streamer read to get a head start to your own streaming journey.


"Inspiring Growth" is the perfect guide to beginning your streamer journey. I've been streaming for 3 and a half years and I still learned some great tips from Josh's in depth advice! I've known Josh since his Sleepyhobo days and even though his stream has come a long way he is still the same great entertainer as before and has such an infectious passion for content creation!


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